About Me

Hi there! I’m Mallory, and I love sunshine, learning, and traveling.

Here’s a few things I’m conquering:

⇒ Nursing School at the University of New Hampshire

⇒ Being a wife and homemaker (the best part of my life)

⇒ Video Production Assistant with Pack Network

⇒ Licensed Nursing Assistant at a local hospital

⇒ Ongoing recovery from a brain tumor which put my life on hold for about 3 years.

⇒ Middle School ministry coordinator at my church

⇒ Aspiring communicator, writer, and inspirer-er.

Did I mention these are all going on at the same time??

If you’re wondering how I can do it all while operating on the same 24-hour clock that all of us humans do, go ahead, dive into my blog! I hope you’ll be inspired to conquer your life!

P.s. If you’re curious about my personality, ⇒ This video pretty much sums it up.