HTC9: A Word on Love


Love is lending a hand when it seems you don’t have one to lend.

Love is choosing to smile when you see something that is easy to judge.

Love is returning someone’s grocery cart in the freezing rain.

Love is a hug that never ends.

Love is forgiving of wrongs, and remembering good works.

Love is listening for the sake of hearing.

Love is speaking truth.

Love is seeking to understand.

Love is a twinkle in your eye as you give a high five and say “well done.”

Love is volunteering to do something you don’t find exciting.

Love is making a promise and keeping it.

Love is laying aside your dreams and dedicating your life to care for someone.

Love is an affirming handshake, when they don’t have confidence of their own.

Love is snorting when you laugh.

Love is a note on the windshield that says “go get ’em tiger.”

Love is tucking them in on every side.

Love is cleaning soiled pajamas every single night.

Love is seeing their unique gifts.

Love is giving a wink to that person who is uncomfortable in the crowd.

Love is letting someone dream big, no matter their limits.

Love is helping someone remember.

Love is helping someone forget.

Love is choosing kind words, even towards the person you do not think is kind.

Love is seeing someone’s soul, and not their body.

Love is sharing your deepest vulnerabilities.

Love is setting a never-ending example.

Love is giving your all.

Love is a random act of kindness.

Love is action.

Pursue love.

Act with love.

React with love.

Respond with love.

Be love.

— Mally 🙂

For Anan.

For Mom.

For all those that have shown me love.

For those that have forgotten how to love in his dark, dark world.

Share and spread the love.

Featured Image :: Fasin Village, Ghana, Africa. August 2014.

:: Fourteen souls that showed me true love.


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