HTC8: Moving On From the HoliDAY.

Congratulations! You did it! All the presents are wrapped and unwrapped, the tree is almost dried up, and all of the awkward family conversations are put to rest.

If your holidays are anything like I’ve experienced, your house is probably full of every kind of cookie and chocolate you could possibly imagine. And, since they’re there, and you started on Monday eating them for breakfast (GUILTY!), it’s hard not to pull a piece off every time you walk through your kitchen. And if this is you, the cycle will continue until they’re gone.

I want to assure you that this doesn’t have to be your story! Here’s a few ways to honor your health starting NOW!

  1. Give yourself grace and remember that you’re human. giphyChristmas Day is all about cinnamon rolls and pie and that’s OKAY. Remind yourself that what you ate on Monday does not have to dictate what you eat the rest of the week. It’s a holiDAY, not holiDAYS. Just because a new year is coming does not mean you have to dishonor your health for 6 days in between.
  2. Donate your leftovers. christmascookies-102-2If you ended up with most of the leftovers, or a ridiculous amount of cookies, bring them to a homeless shelter or donate them to a food pantry or soup kitchen. Get them out of your house so they don’t end up in your digestive system.
  3. Meal Plan/Prep for the rest of the week. Personally I don’t like cooking on vacation, so I made overnight oats, a giant box of salad fixings, and two huge pots of vegetable soup. It’s easy, healthy, and warm. And that’s what we’re eating all week. You can very effectively avoid going out to eat by doing this, and that’s a win for your budget and your body!
  4. Exercise with whoever is home.giphy (1) My husband and I love staycations because we have so much time to go to the gym together, not rush through workouts, and feel great for the rest of the day. Schedule time to work out or go to the gym with your house guests or kids who are home from college. Don’t forget that the gyms will be very crowded on January 2nd, so enjoy the empty space while it lasts!
  5. Lastly– drink lots of water. giphy (2)And by that I mean H2O. Not eggnog. Flush out the toxins by drinking roughly half your body weight in ounces every day.

By honoring your health for the next five days, you won’t have to feel bad about treating yourself at the New Years Eve Party. And then, next Monday, when you start off on a great note, you won’t be as far behind.

Thanks for being here. Here’s to 2018!

-Mally 🙂

BIG NEWS! Starting January 1st HowToConquer will be coming at you daily with tips and life hacks via Instagram. Follow me now @howtoconquer. See you there!

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