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HTC6: Why Everyone Should Use the Nursing Process

Can I ask you a quick question? Are you exactly where you want to be in every area of your life? Are you a beast at fitness, maintaining a stellar GPA, or running an extremely successful business, all the while thriving in your relationships and maintaining a perfect budget that will get you out of debt in 18 months?

No? I’m not surprised. In case you haven’t heard, no one is perfect. But with the right ming set and the will to act, I promise you can improve one cycle at a time.

How To Conquer 6: Using the Nursing Process to improve in just about anything.

What exactly is the Nursing Process? It’s a simple cycle of 5 basic steps. I’ll show you while giving examples of a recent cycle I just went through.

1. Assessment: Gather the data. Whether it’s in numbers, dates, or a timeline, write down where you’re at.


Example: I am on chapter 25 in my textbook and I need to be at chapter 38 by next Friday in order to have enough time to review this section before the exam.

2. Analyze and Diagnose: I am not talking about a medical diagnosis! You don’t need to get to the bottom of your problem at this point, just figure out what’s wrong.

Example:  I am distracted at home, and therefore not getting my work done. I am distracted by laundry, dishes, to-do list, my cute husband, and my phone. I need to be more focused and work smarter if I am going to reach this deadline.

3. Planning: for change. It might be subtle or drastic. Small or large. Make a plan and outline it, include as many details as needed.

Example: Starting tomorrow, I will go to the library after work every day. I will find a private room, shut off my phone and computer, open my text book, and go into deep study mode for 2 hours.

⇒ I like to add a list of expected outcomes or goals here. In other words, what would I like to see happen as a result?

Example: I’d like to move faster through my work, and spend time truly grasping the material. I’d like to get caught up enough to have a realistic deadline and time to review before my big exam. I’d like to feel a sense of completion after a deep study session.

4. Implementation: Just do it. I’m serious. The next day, or the following Monday, get going on the change you have described. Just do it.

5. Evaluation: Gather new data. What was the outcome? Did your plan work?

Example: Was I less distracted? YES. Did I get through 4 chapters in the time it takes me to get through 2? YES. I also noticed that when I was home, I was able to give way more attention to my husband, as well as think freely and do housework without any thought of the textbook hanging over my shoulders. What a priceless change.

6. Repeat. I gave an example of the nursing process working perfectly to my advantage. And this was a true story, something I did more than 2 weeks ago. But this doesn’t always happen. That’s why the nursing process is a cycle. Keep going and don’t give up. Gather the new data after a week or so of implementing your plan.

Friends, I cannot express enough just how radically different I feel after using this method in so many areas of my life. You can use it for ANYTHING. Whether you’re trying to get fit, have more self control, increase your sales, raise your GPA, spend more time with your family, control your budget, pay off a house, be a better spouse or parent, or grow your personal business, this method is efficient, organized, and honestly life-changing.

I hope you’ll get in on the action.

I’d love to know if you tried out the nursing process. Definitely let me know if you tried it by using the contact page or finding me on any social media outlet!

Until next time,

Mally 🙂



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