HTC10: Disrobing

As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop with tears streaming down my face. But I have no shame because I just took a leap of faith and it required visiting a past Mallory and saying ‘you have no power over me.’ 

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HTC7: Reset Day.

…today I want to address the fact that we are indeed human. The dishes get stacked high sometimes. The laundry piles up. You’re a little behind on paperwork, and you haven’t given your budget a good look in a while. And you’re getting bogged down by fatigue and stress. The amount of time it takes for you get to that point is totally unique to you. For me, it’s about 3-4 weeks until I need a reset day.

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HTC6: Why Everyone Should Use the Nursing Process

Can I ask you a quick question? Are you exactly where you want to be in every area of your life? Are you a beast at fitness, maintaining a stellar GPA, or running an extremely successful business, all the while thriving in your relationships and maintaining a perfect budget that will get you out of debt in 18 months?

No? I’m not surprised. In case you haven’t heard, no one is perfect. But with the right mind set and the will to act, I promise you can improve one cycle at a time.

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HTC5: Fuel and Focus (AM & PM)

I used to be the girl that brushed her teeth in the shower, ate a banana for breakfast while packing, and got to class or work with 30 seconds to spare, wet hair, still very much mentally asleep. I was hardly ever put together… and I would mentally kick in about 45 minutes after I was on the clock at school or work.

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HTC4: Asking Questions

I met him on my first day of work back in January when he offered me pretzel sticks and gingersnaps. We chatted throughout a few class periods, and I saw him at lunch every now and then. He walks through the halls with his head held high and always, always with a bright smile on his face.

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